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Down But Not Out: Shortys Report

Down, but not out…

Shortys recently was able to survive a brutal broad-side attack by local land barons. Reminiscent of the Johnson County Wars of the late 1800s, the attack left the structure in a precarious state. Luckily the boys had a few politicians in their pocket, and a call to Mayor Baraka was able to silence the bulldozers. While a truce has been called, gravity waits for no man, and the place could fall down at any time.



Intelligence Brief 1/20


Clout Conglomerate
Clout Conglomerate

The temperature has dropped. Snowstorm on the horizon. Luckily we have you covered.

Distort is having the closing reception to his “Crusades” show. Saturday night, in Philly.

Buried Colors has a new video featuring Senic. Perfect timing for the interview that we are working on with the brother.

The NJ Scum homies have a sick new Shortys edit up. Skating, graff, shenanigans, and the music selection is outstanding.

ElementTree is back with a new episode of their Earthlings series. Episode Four features Mast.

There is enough money in the world for everyone. Pretty strange that 60 people have as much as 3 billion people. But wait, it’s worse.

MixTape of the week. JonWayne on Giles Peterson Worldwide JonWayne on Giles Peterson Worlwide. This is a dj set of soul and funk samples, cut and chopped with a futuristic funk. On Soundcloud, so you can listen while reading more posts.

To be continued?
To be continued?