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Journey to the Center of the Earth


For those that don’t know, Todays Mathematics editor in chief, Chester Copperpot, Phd can be quite eccentric. The professor often speaks in riddles, when he speaks at all. I am his assistant, and I have only met him in person a handful of times. He seems to never leave his home, which is full of books, stacked floor to ceiling in every room. His desk is covered in maps, scrolls, and blueprints. But his most valued possessions are those items that have been given to him by fellow seekers. Some refer to these items as jewels, others call them

It appears the Doctor has established a number of contacts with a loose affiliation of fellow scientists and adventurers, a number of which have given the Doctor keys. These keys open doors. An obvious statement, I know, but like I said the Dr can be quite eccentric.  This past Sunday, I when I went to feed the doctor’s cats, and there was one of those keys waiting for me. It was an old fashion skeleton type key, with instructions on where to dig. Because the doctor was sending me deep into the earth, I  enlisted a former mercenary/ survivalist nut who lives next door to him to help me. I don’t know the guys real name, but everyone calls him Rambo. If everything went according to the doctors calculations, there was going to be some heavy gems waiting for us.

And as usual,  the doctor was right. The caves were sparkling with jewels. Some samples from the expedition can be seen in the photographs above. And as he usually does, the doctor will be publishing a more detailed study of his findings in the next issue of Todays Mathematics, due for release in April.

Words and Photos by Frank Olson