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So Goomba, I have to ask, why the long face?

“I believe in longevity. To me its all about a quick process to yield long lasting results. I hear a lot of people say “quality over quantity” and I don’t agree. I see it more like “quality comes with quantity”. I’m gonna die and I really don’t have time for short shit…
Basically what I’m tryin’ to say is, na’am sayin?

Yeah, but what has you feeling so blue?

I don’t buy my paint. I don’t steal it either. I sort of just acquire it by means unknown to those that don’t know and frankly, might never know. And I live knowing this.
I use what I can get and whatever I got I make it work. I guess you can say I’m a conservationist, an eagle scout with rustoleum (shout out to the people at rustoleum) a modern day Macgyver. I play the cards I’m dealt and make the best of it. The point I’m trying to make here is, vote..