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70s Grooves (Live)


A selection of live performances from 70s television shows. With the exception of the first clip, all are from The Mike Douglas Show.

  1. Sly & The Family Stone with a super soulful version of Everybody Is A Star.

2. Minnie Ripperton taking us Back Down Memory Lane

3. Rufus w/ Chaka Kahn. Stop On By. So good.

4. Sly & The Family Stone. Mother Beautiful. Song starts with a nice drum break that is not on the album cut. Super Hi Quality Audio.

5. Another one from Sly & The Family Stone. Stand, so mellow, oh so mellow.





Elements of Style: Flow

Flow. There are several ways one can rip mics. There are lyrics, there are rhyme styles, there is content,  and then there is flow. I have compiled a few Beanie Sigel tracks from the late 90s as a point of reference.

First example is a freestyle with Memphis Bleek. Bleek’s verse is over after 30 seconds.

Memphis Bleek Beanie Sigel Freestyle

Next example is from a Stretch Armstrong Promo. First track is a Nas promo from Stretch Armstrong, Beanie’s track starts after 3:00.

Nas & Millennium Thug. Beanie Sigel Promo

Last example is when he outs Jadakiss to bed.


Dj Mix: Everday Will Be Like A Holiday pt 3

For your listening pleasure, we present Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday Part 3 by friend of the program MF Young Old Classy Chris. Check him out on Instagram  @mf_young_old_classy or for more mixes check out his crews page on Never Not Working Records for hella mixes, all vinyl true school type music.

DJ Reckless 1991 DMC World Championship

This is DJ Reckless performing in the 1991 DMC Finals. This whole battle is amazing, with a particularly heady performance by QBert. I find Reckless’s part to be really interesting, not because of all his technical skills, but because the refreshing originality he brings to his set. During dj battles, there is an emphasis on experimentation and the sound can oftent be quite esoteric. Reckless starts with the normal tricks, but then takes you in a different direction. With his energy and enthusiasm  just adding another layer of enjoyment.